• Shelf edge lcd display
  • Digital Photo Frame
  • Smart table ordering device
  • Digital advertising player

video brochure

Video brochure is a new media expression, it can convey a large amount of information in a short time and attract attention very effectively.We add ultra thin LCD Screens into cool printing products, people call them many things like Video Brochures, Video Post Cards,Video booklets and Video gift boxes.(Customized in various shapes and sizes.)

shelf edge lcd display

Shelf-edge LCD Display is about the special application on shelf edge for smart retail solution.It is very suitable for a variety of in store, on shelf digital signage applications such as retail shelf edge pricing, retail shelf edge advertising and multi-shelf digital signage in supermarkets, grocery stores, liquor stores, clothing stores and other retail applications. 

advertising player

Advertising displays are small and medium-sized display typically from 5 to 21.5 inch which are used for advertising,product information and product presentation at Retail store and supermarket. Displays with built-in media player are economical choices for catching attention at point of sale. Different types of touch screens are suitable for more detailed product information and complex product presentations on demand. Advertising device can be updated locally by USB -sticks and remotely network function.

smart tabletop ordering device

The restaurant replaced the printed menu folder with a thin LCD panel and desktop touch screen ordering system, bringing customers a more convenient ordering experience. It can also be used as an advertising media player ,which is the best way to enhance consumers' buying experience.We customize smart tabletop ordering device according to the ordering system provided by customers to match the software with our equipment.